Trump’s billionaire friendly tax plan

What we have learned about Donald Trump’s leanings on tax policy make them Exhibit A in his bait-and-switch presidency. Although he was elected as a man of the people, Trump’s tax reform plans make it clear that he is serving as a baron for billionaires. The tea leaves that pass for a coherent legislative policy […]

Earth Day,Conservation

Earth Day, event first observed internationally on April 22, 1970, to emphasize the necessity for the conservation of the world’s natural resources. Starting as a student-led campus movement, initially observed on March 21, Earth Day has become a major educational and media event. Environmentalists use it as an occasion to sum up current environmental problems […]

News and Current Affairs

I INTRODUCTION News and Current Affairs, reporting and analysis of events by radio and television programmes, and on the Internet. The two terms, “news” and “current affairs”, reflect old differences in the way that broadcasting used to treat topical matters, differences that barely survive in today’s advanced radio and television systems. In early radio, before […]