Culture history

I INTRODUCTION Culture, a word in common use but with complex meanings, derived, like the term broadcasting, from the treatment and care of the soil and of what grows on it. It is directly related to cultivation and the adjectives cultural and culture are part of the same verbal complex. A person of culture has […]

Khmer Kingdoms

Khmer Kingdoms, succession of South East Asian monarchies based in Cambodia. Modern Cambodia is the residue of a powerful state which at its peak incorporated large areas of Laos, eastern Thailand, and southern Vietnam. Deriving from the Indian-style state of Funan and the Kingdom of Chenla, the great Khmer empire of Angkor was founded by […]


Khmer, the dominant group (about 5 million people) in Cambodia (formerly Kampuchea), comprising over 87 percent of the national population. The Khmer moved down from the area now known as Thailand into the Mekong Delta before 200 bc. Over the following centuries, their culture was subject to a series of waves of Indian influence. The […]


Angkor, capital city of Cambodia from the 9th to the 15th century. Its ruins are one of the world’s great architectural monuments. Located near Siemreab in north-western Cambodia, Angkor was founded early in the 9th century and became the country’s capital under King Yasovarman I (reigned 889-900), who called it Yasodharapura. The original city was […]