Professional web design as ASP, ASPX, HML, HMTL, PHP…

Professional web design as ASP, ASPX, HML, HMTL, PHP…

Professional web design as ASP, ASPX, HML, HMTL, PHP…

Basic features

  • First steps: Getting started
  • An introduction to the basic functionality of Web
  • An introduction to the Ribbon Interface
  • An introduction to the Site Manager
  • Introduction to creating web pages
  • Setup guide borders, rulers and grid
  • Adding text to a web page
  • Adding an image to a web page
  • Linking your pages together (Creating Hyperlinks)
  • Saving your web site
  • Preview a page in your Browser
  • Publishing your web pages
  • Adding a Navigation Bar to your web site
  • Adding a Menu Bar to your web site
  • Using templates
  • Importing an existing HTML page in to Web Builder
  • An introduction to the SlideShow
  • An introduction to jQuery UI Widgets
  • An introduction to the Photo Gallery
  • An introduction to the Blog object
  • An introduction to Blocks
  • Using Web Fonts
  • New: Navigation / menus
  • New: Icon Fonts
  • New: An introduction to Cards

General Layout

  • How to use Inline Frames
  • How to use Master Pages
  • How to use Embedded Pages
  • How to use Master Frames
  • Using Layers
  • How to create a draggable window using layers
  • More cool layer features
  • Creating a Full Screen / Single Page Layout
  • How to add a parallax scroll effect to your pages?

Responsive Web Design

  • Introduction to Responsive Web Design – The Basics
  • Responsive Web Design
  • Mobile Web Design
  • How to create Responsive Text?
  • An introduction to the Layout Grid
  • Advanced Layout Grid Features
  • Getting started with FlexBox
  • Create a responsive website with anchored layers(advanced)
  • Create a responsive website with floating layers(advanced)
  • New: Responsive Web Design – Design Techniques
  • New: An Introduction to Flex Grid


  • How to use the Carousel?
  • Create a 3D Carousel with reveal.js
  • Using the Carousel to create an animated slideshow
  • Create a Full Page website using the Carousel
  • How to use the Carousel to create a multi-page form?


  • Creating forms
  • How to use the Form Wizard?
  • Form input validation
  • Form conditions and calculations
  • Building a PHP Shopping Cart
  • How to use PHP to collect Form data


  • Using events to create a roll over image with sound
  • Using events to display popup information for a specific item
  • An introduction to Timers
  • How to reveal objects on scroll with bookmark events?

Animations and transitions

  • An introduction to CSS3 animations
  • Start and stop CSS3 animations with Events
  • An introduction to CSS3 transitions
  • Using CSS3 transform to zoom an image
  • Animate text with the Banner object
  • Link transitions
  • Using Scroll Transitions

Content Management

  • Getting started with the CMS Tools
  • How to dynamically expand the CMS View based on the content of the page?
  • Using CMS plug-ins
  • New: How to integrate Cushy CMS?
  • New: How to integrate Surreal CMS?


  • Using the Style Manager
  • Change the color or style of a hyperlink
  • Adding custom HTML or Javascript to a web page
  • Include Javascripts in your web page(examples: TickerTape, Weather, MP3 Player)
  • Adding a PayPal Buy Now button to your website
  • Creating a basic PayPal Shopping Cart
  • Building a PHP Shopping Cart
  • Using the jQuery Slider
  • Adding a lightbox gallery to your website
  • Implementing a global lightbox gallery
  • Do more with styles: Pseudo classes.
  • How to use Affix and ScrollSpy?
  • How to add a parallax scroll effect to your pages?
  • New: Add Rich Snippets to your website using Structured Data (
  •  New: How to add a site search to your website?

Prepared and taught by Sambo Lim

© Copyright 2019, International Institute of Siem Reap